The Blood Mother – Episode 12 – South Asian States Coop #73 (1069 AD)

Samrajni Dhruvadevi takes power from Bertadhur-Bingh the Second! A melancholic drunkard who just happens to be a witch, she immediately consecrates the Jadon bloodline. Within months she has to deal with a civil war lead by the Rani of Lahur. Outnumbered three to one, she has to spend the empire’s vast riches on mercenaries to turn the tide of the war. Her real goal: convince the Basileus of the Byzantine Empire to convert to witchcraft…

BertieB plays CK3 with Grum, MaoTheCat and Costello in South Asia, spanning from north to south India, Burma and the Gobi desert. Starting as counts, can they rise and achieve their goals?

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Recorded on: 2022-03-18