Video Series 6: OFDR Drunk Driving + Random

A couple of short videos. The first has a little footage of a jeep driver going crazy after Gavin shot him. Unfortunately I missed most of it – he had been driving all over the valley, completely wacked out.

[flashvideo width=477 file= image= /]

Secondly is a clip of Mao taking down the extraction chopper with his AT launcher (boys will be boys). Then there’s another 8 minutes of footage of the start of the first mission of OFDR because I forgot to stop recording.

[flashvideo file= width=477 image= /]

Radio Database Status (2010-06-27)

Albums	Artists	Songs  	Video  	Tags  	Catalog Size  	Catalog Time
198	31	2928	0	7	36.96 GB	10 days, 19 hours

Took a wee jump thanks to another Chopin collection (15 CDs), and some more Vivaldi (his ‘Sacred Works’) and a little Liszt.

Edit: And another tag: ragtime. Thanks to Scott Joplin, 3 collections of his ragtime pieces are now part of the library.

Edit 2: Managed to get Sibelius and Dvorak done, the latter of which was 40 CDs. Huge boost to the database.

Video Series 3: Saints Row 2 – Insurance Fraud

[flashvideo file= image= width=477 /]
(be patient, it may take up to a minute or more to load)

Apologies for the quality, not sure what went wrong with the encoding.

Edit: Fixed encoding, although at 174 MB it might take a while for the player to load it. I may look at reducing the size further.

While a smaller version is being encoded for streaming via jwplayer, here is a link to the 174 MB version: Saints Row 2 – Insurance Fraud.

The video should now load the 58.5 meg version. I could make it smaller but I think quality will *really* start suffering. The audio is bad enough as it is (you notice it when Mao speaks loudly). I also have a 777 meg version at full 1920×1080 if anyone really wants.

CSS Winnage

[flashvideo file= image= width=430 /]

Edit by BertieB: Now with more video player.