Screenshot Series #3 – BF2 Oldies

Some old win I found on an old hard drive.

First Person Mode In Alien Swarm (And Other Cool Stuff)

Try this:
alias FPS "firstperson; asw_hide_marine 1; asw_controls 0"
bind "v""fps"

Then use v to go first-person. I’ll let you all figure out the reversal to third person.

Some other cool stuff: the tile generator and it’s interactions with Hammer. See the Valve developer wiki (here) Seriously cool stuff. Procedural level generation? Yes please!

You can also enable the Director, although it has a tendency to kill you horribly by default (see

I’ve actually got an idea that I’ve been toying with that Alien Swarm’s tools make a helluva lot easier. Will fill in anyone who is interested…


tbh, you lot should get this so I don’t have to run the risk of being stuck with singing American teenagers or people who haven’t got a clue which end of their medi-guns they should be pointing where.

EDIT: WordPress weirded out a bit. Suspect I have to save the images as JPEGs for it not to throw a hissy fit. Will re-do it at some point.

Video Series 10: FEAR – Stolen

[flashvideo file= image= width=335 /]

Since it’s the 10th edition of the video series, I thought I’d upload an old favourite. Here I steal two kills from ksyme99 by shooting him in the back. No further explanation needed.