TF2 Gun Mettle Contract Catchup

Streamed from – a little catch up on some contracts received while on hiatus: medic and soldier. The soldier bonus (kill airborne players with secondary) took longer than it should have for someone who has been playing as long as I have.

2:00 Server 1
18:30 Server 2
27:05 Server 3
32:10 Medic basic complete
43:00 Medic advanced complete – medal bronze’d
52:25 Soldier basic complete
1:21:20 Soldier advanced complete

ETS2MP – Coop Crashin’ (Head on Collision)

Streamed from with Costello – back on the roads with some trucks. Some slow oranges to the continent and then some fast fast fast low bed semi-trailers to London. Go trucks go!

5:30 Glasgow – Amsterdam (Oranges)
23:30 HEAD ON CRASH! (not my fault!)
46:20 Carlisle – London (Low-bed semi trailers)

TF2 Gun Mettle 2 Contracts & Taunt Unboxing

Streamed from with Costello – back from hiatus! (and the hiatus definitely shows in my level of play)

A couple of contracts for more Gun Mettle here. Also used the key kindly provided by cherrycrunch23 during the last stream, many moons (~2 weeks) ago. Thanks again!

TF2 Gun Mettle Contract – Pyro (w/unboxing)

Streamed from (with special thanks to cherrycrunch23) – Backburns, spychecking and reflections ahoy!

The next Gun Mettle contract I was assigned turned out to be Pyro. The standard 100 CP was easily enough obtained almost within a round. But the advanced criteria. Oh the advanced criteria. 3 reflection kills. No problem usually, unless you’re trying to get them which seems to interfere with the part of the brain responsible for ‘competence’. I eventually got them on pl_borneo; thank goodness!

Also have to pay my thanks and other gratitude to the awesome cherrycrunch23, who after convincing me to go with unboxing – my first on-air! – the gun case I got, kindly donated a key which I’ll use at the next contract!

9:00 Contract complete (must have ignited a spy for 5CP)
14:45 Switch to plr_hightower
54:00 Switch to pl_borneo (yep, 40 minutes of failing to reflect!)
1:00:35 First reflect!
1:04:30 Second reflect, contract complete!
1:07:00 Unbox!
1:13:40 cherrycrunch23 demonstrates their awesomeness!

ETS2MP – Eastward! (Solo)

Streamed from – Having forgotten – then remembered – that I had Going East, I subsequently Went East. Couple of hairy cargo-damaging moments, and cursing at traffic lights.

11:55 Salzburg – Wien (Tracks)
31:35 Wien – Budapest (Potatoes)
50:00 Budapest – Budapest (Air Conditioners)
59:45 Budapest – Lublin (Fireworks)

Other moments of note:

38:30 “Better slow down… slow down… DARN IT.”
43:55 “No, I won’t learn my lesson about going too fast around bends”
1:16:40 Interest turns to panic as I squeeze past a convoy at 75mph