CoH 2VsAI Lyon (Allies)

Streamed from with Costello – welp, we got rekt here. Not much to say other than 1) don’t get cocky (due to recent victory) 2) don’t get complacent (and leave 1 MG to defend a bridge).

CoH: Operation Stonewall Attempt #5 (Coop Allies Win!)

Streamed from with Costello – another Stonewall battle. We learned the importance of flanking finally!

1:30 “I need to remember how to play this”, followed by accidentally unlocking sticky bombs
5:30 Hey that ‘shreck looks good
9:45 Sneak attack from the west
10:30 Garage demolished :-/
15:00 Rear armour is the way to go!
16:00 Northern swarm
19:15 ‘shreck recovered
21:15 Interesting place to park a tank
26:00 A cooperative tank (“exactaloutely”)
27:30 Rocketspam vs Flakpanzer
30:30 First of the Nebels
31:45 Nebel stolen
37:45 “Rangers: under the treads, on the double!”
40:00 How to defeat a Tiger tank: allow it to face its rear armour at you
42:45 Church down
46:45 Last wave?!
49:45 Panther, what you do?
50:45 Bombing run inbound
51:15 Howitzer rounds inbound
53:00 Fin

Cities: Skylines Second Play

Streamed from – welcome back to Frunfingham North! Starting out by forgetting my city name and a terrible pun…


2:00 Coin tossin’
9:00 Logging industry get
17:00 Investigating the health of the slums
21:15 “Stop tool-tippin’ me!”
22:45 gg firetrux
24:00 bertiebridge mk 2
39:15 Happy little trees
50:45 Move the pumps!
55:30 Everyone loves cemeteries
1:11:45 Big Town!
1:20:45 More bertiebridges
1:22:45 bertiebridge retry
1:46:15 Small City!

Terraria and the Case of the Crimson Yoyos

Streamed from with Costello – Back to the world of square blocks. We explore, fight off a blood moon and King Slime, and finish by making some sweet yoyos. All in a day’s work.


1:25 Desert pit of doom
6:30 Costello and the falling sand
9:00 Blood moon!
31:45 Snow! (and falling slimes)
41:15 King Slime has awoken!
48:30 Come back, you coward!
57:45 Strange-looking eye…