CoH Coop Skirmish in Lyon: Allies vs 2xHard AI (First Victory!)

Streamed from with Costello – expand description for highlights!

After previous attempts ended in failure (see eg, we got some very helpful advice from CommandoKai, and stayed in control of the map this time around. Video quality is poor up to 25:30ish as I wasn’t recording (!) and had to grab footage from Twitch; gg me.

2:45 Game start
4:15 “…all good wars?!”
7:15 MG squad doesn’t mind pios
9:00 Sneaky Kettenkrad hides behind an MG bunker
14:30 The subtle approach to emplacement positioning
15:15 AT gun crew slinks through field of fire
26:45 German plane spotted
29:00 Turbokettenkrad
32:00 Bridge Expeditionary Force
38:45 Boombridge
40:15 Disconnection panic :O
47:00 The invasion of north Lyon
49:30 Well done rangers 😀
50:30 Freeze-frame bonus: Axis soldier flies towards camera

CoH Axis Skirmish: Lyon (Med/Hard AI)

Streamed from with Costello – expand description for highlights!

In need of a bigger challenge, we bumped up the difficulty as Axis. German fortitude prevailed, but it was a rather different experience for bertieb and Costello…

2:45 Game start
5:00 Good luck little motorcycle
6:15 Sod’s Law of CoH
10:15 Agh mortars
15:00 Stuart + artillery striker at bertieb’s base
19:00 bertierage

CoH: Axis Coop Skirmish Lyon (Med/Med AI)

Streamed from with Costello – expand description for highlights!

We decided to switch sides and play Axis, having faced off against them often enough. Starting with medium/medium, since it’s been a while since played as Axis…

3:30 Abort, abort!
11:15 Grenadiers to the rescue!
14:45 Armoured car makes friends with bertieb’s Pios
16:15 bertieb’s Pios fly away (again!)
24:45 bertieb watches his sniper get shot to death
26:45 Stunning work from Knight’s Cross holders
32:00 More stunning work!
33:15 Fire support incoming
36:00 bertieb uses INCENDIARY ATTACK. It’s super effective!
40:00 Enemy troops hiding off-map

CoH Co-op Skirmish: Lyon Allies (Medium/Hard AI) #2

Streamed from with Costello – expand description for highlights!

We previously bumped the difficulty up a notch (Bam!); this time the difficulty is the same, but the choice reversed!

1:45 Game start
3:45 This time the motorbike falls to bertieb’s engineers!
9:00 North bridge hooching with Axis
17:15 Panther trying to sneak away
27:00 “Uh-oh, middle bridge…”
29:15 Fire support
37:00 “We’re not done?!”
38:30 Victory!

Magicka Arena Coop – Crystal Cavern

Streamed from with MaoTheCat – expand description for highlights!

We tried a different arena – Mirror Crystal Cavern Hideout. Significantly different in the enemies it throws at you, and the reflecting crystals mix things up too. Now, if we can just get past Wave 18…

4:00 Game start
6:15 Early Vortex!
13:15 “How did you think that was going to end?!”
20:30 Vortex suddenly hungers for bertieb
22:00 Mao gets shanked
24:30 Wiped out D:
27:00 Help! How do we play without Vortex?!
33:00 Lightning elementals chase bertieb around
37:15 Elemental beatdown
44:00 Charm get!
57:45 Vortex again 😀
58:45 Indirect fire!

Magicka Arena Coop #1: Hávindr

Streamed from with MaoTheCat – expand description for highlights!

Apologies for the video quality on this one- had to export it from Twitch. We revisit an old classic of fun and chaos: Hávindr Arena!

2:15 Mao sets me on fire for no discernible reason 😛
6:15 Early death to Salamanders
11:45 “I’ll save m- OHH I’M GOING TO DIE!”
12:30 *THUD* *SPLAT*
19:45 “Just discharging a fire spell on you…”
22:45 Death by Beholders
36:15 “I’ll ‘save’ you!!”
40:30 Sad Yeti death :'(
42:45 “Okay, they’re all charmed… KILL THEM!”

Arma 3 Wasteland Coop: Intense Firefights

Streamed from with MaoTheCat and aujt74 – expand description for highlights!

“Lots of people to kill”, as aujt74 says at the start of the stream. Or another, more accurate way of looking at it would be ‘Lots of people to kill us’.

13:30 He’s down in the base… he’s moving… he’s floating in midair
23:15 Scratch one, revive one
36:30 Covering from behind
38:15 Scratch two more
48:00 Whoopsy miney
53:45 Airborne! (and I completely missed a gun store)
1:03:15 RPG miss (MaoTheCat mops up for me)
1:11:00 Kamysh does not last long D:
1:39:00 Sniping into Rogain
1:46:00 Sniping pays off after seven minutes

FTL Advanced Edition #3: Kestrel Achievement Run

Streamed from – expand description for highlights!

My intention was to do a quick achievement run to unlock the Red-Tail. The achievement part went okay, nut the ‘quick’ bit didn’t really come to pass. Thanks to Commandokai ( for being such a trooper and staying up late to advise!

6:00 Danger Will Robinson!
9:00 bertieb refuses to learn his lesson about staying out of nebulae and gets boarded by 4 invaders
26:15 Not the beam!
31:15 Second Burst Laser GET
34:15 Sector 2 (Engi)
39:30 I feel like a kid in some kind of store!
47:00 #hellnoalienspiders
49:00 Sector 3 (Rebel Controlled)
59:15 Achievement get! (Full Arsenal)
1:05:45 Moar burst laser!
1:06:45 bertieb discovers intruders can be mind controlled!
1:14:30 Sector 4 (Slug Controlled Nebula) & out of fuel!
1:20:00 Noooo, Jackkkkkkk!
1:36:30 Two more crew (4/6)
1:46:30 Sector 5 (Slug Controlled Nebula #2) & 5/6 crew!
2:12:15 Sector 6 (Zoltan Homeworlds)
2:24:15 Mind controlling a mind-controlled friendly works!
2:33:45 Capturing a ship through ‘moar lasers’
2:43:45 Sector 7 (Engi-controlled)

R6V2 Coop Pt4: Convention Centre 2

Streamed from with Costello – expand description for highlights!

More epic storytel- nope, can’t keep a straight face there. We’re playing this for laffs- glitches, etc. We also learned how to use thermal scan!

3:00 Game start
4:30 Totes meant that grenade
6:00 Friendly incendiary
7:30 RIP
10:00 Costello is best teammate
12:30 Doorsurprise
15:30 Imperial Stormtrooper marksman academy graduate
16:30 “Analyse our opposition.” They’re dead, Jim.
17:15 Achievement unlocked (My Name Is Sam)
17:45 “Precision is key” …woopsy
22:00 The creation of man (on thermal scan)
31:15 T waits for bertieb to reload
33:30 Success after 9 million attempts
38:45 Most annoying hostages ever
41:15 Most helpful teammate award #2

Arma 3 Wasteland Coop: Tank Travelling

Streamed from with MaoTheCat

We gave a different Wasteland server a try. When it rebooted, bertieb got spawned near a tank base. Oho yes. That the tanks were unfuelled presented only minor difficulties… But first, we have to fight at night.

1:15 Parachutesave!
7:45 bertieb can’t get in the door =(
11:15 Back in after server restart to ‘OutKasts Tank Farm’
18:00 Taking down a chopper with a Tigris
20:00 Enemy car…?
24:15 Slammer towed
31:00 bertieb falls out the tower
34:15 bertie ‘Tunnel King’ baggio
39:30 Convoy time! (the view is hilarious)
44:15 Fuelled up!
47:00 Tigris donation / fence troubles
50:30 Enemy close
59:30 Taking on a ‘downed chopper’… with a HEAT round 😀
1:09:30 Taking on a fortification
1:26:15 Death from above! … on us 🙁
1:34:00 HALO
1:56:00 Whoopsy flipsy

You can definitely hear us getting tired towards the end, streamed as it was at silly AM.