1000+ Kills! Coop Horde Mode (Canyon) – Arizona Sunshine #8

A second try at horde mode, this time making past the 1000 kill mark and unlocking The Sheriff Has Arrived.

Chaperone toned down a bit (Advanced).

2:30 Warmup
8:00 Game start
9:00 Noobface gets lonely
11:00 Expert gun technique
12:00 Noobface is so hungry x2
26:45 Twilight
30:15 Advanced Yoga Badge unlocked
34:10 Corpse, what are you doing?
38:45 Advanced Throwing Badge (not) unlocked
45:50 Noobface tries to curse us
47:15 Back to light (ish)
49:30 Advanced Grenade Throwing Badge (not) unlocked
57:45 Dawn
1:08:30 Day

Coop Undead Valley Horde Mode – Arizona Sunshine VR (#7)

SO CLOSE TO 1000! Despite some apparent dysnch / bug issues with ammo and such, we have a fairly good system going with Undead Valley. Noobface couldn’t eat ammo from some boxes due to floating/not-present clips so we had to work around that.

6:00 – Game start
20:15 – bertieb gets panicked by his own cable
26:45 – bertieb fails to throw a grenade
33:50 – Stealing some ammo from Noobface
39:30 – Knocking over some room furniture IRL
56:50 – Zombie dives for cover through a hole in the wall
1:05:50 – Moving an awkward barrel
1:18:00 – Noobface dies 🙁
1:23:00 – bertieb fails to get in door
1:43:25 – Barrel ascends to heaven
1:51:00 – Noobface glides down on his crossed legs
1:55:00 – Noobface dies again, followed shortly by me

Arizona Sunshine #5: Dark Caves Horde Mode

We ended up on the leaderboard in the top 20! Still being bitten by some bug, glitch or desynchronisation, which causes items to float in the air, guns to fire from a different location and flares not to light up where they land.

7:30 – Level loaded
8:45 – Horde mode start
25:00 – Uzi spawn / getting eaten in the dark
31:30 – “That’s quite a dainty throw”
39:00 – Crouch mode activated
40:00 – Shotgun acquired
52:30 – Generator panic
1:03:30 – Noobface continues to destroy his room (and nades us)
1:04:30 – **Evidence of glitch/desync (floating shotgun ammo)**
1:05:45 – More desync (gun in air midfire)
1:07:00 – More desync (gun fires from midair onto floor, not from coop player’s hand)
1:10:00 – I fail at nading
1:11:00 – More desync (flare location does not match)
1:14:30 – Nooface begins artillery strike
1:17:30 – More desync (gune elsewhere / firing sounds from another location)
1:19:00 – Death approaches…
1:20:00 – Achievements and leaderboard

Streamed from http://twitch.tv/bertiebaggio

Introducing a Friend to Arizona Sunshine & VR

In this video, we have a Special Guest Star! Check out Licorn and Drake (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC8Y9eLC9f-HJrmPoajHCTA) for some inspired storytelling.

6:25 – Campaign start
9:30 – Tutorial finished
14:25 – Canyon
23:20 – Horde
31:10 – Subtle hints being given
55:15 – Horde 2!

Coop Arizona Sunshine #4b: Refinery-End! (Campaign, Hard)

(Part a from this session was a try of horde mode in the Dark Caves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfR_JE_mO8A)

Playing through from the dark dark Refinery to the bright bright Sunshine.

Took us a few goes due to dying (derpiness) and getting bitten by the “die twice and you crash” bug; but we got there.

Roll on Apocalypic mode…