Capping with Close AIr Support | Arma 3 Wasteland

Continued in Part 4:
Part 3:


5:30 Falling down on ATVs
7:30 Capping Girna
11:45 Mao makes friends with a landing chopper
23:00 Capping LZ Connor
26:00 aujt74 (Pawnee) takes out infantry for BertieB (ground)
28:00 Mao awakes!
34:00 Capping Jay Cove
39:00 In to a Vehicle Store to buy an attack shopper 😀

CQC and Capping Points | Arma 3 Wasteland

Continued in Part 3:
Part 1:

I take cover in a Gun Store while aujt74 and MaoTheCat clean out Kamino Firing Range, then we move off and cap more points.


0:45 Spawn in
2:45 MaoTheCat taken down
7:30 Hostile taken out by aujt74
16:00 Capping Kamino Settlement and we come under fire
21:00 Fire incoming
23:30 aujt74 to the rescue
30:00 Radio towers
32:00 Chopper buzz
36:00 Capturing LZ Baldy
42:00 Contact! Gunfight ensues

Taking out Vehicles and AI | Arma 3 Wasteland

Continued in part 2:

Back to some Arma 3 Wasteland- a varied match of AT, infantry combat and aerial support! That said, the first fifteen minutes was remembering how to play Arma…


1:15 Start game and instantly die
3:00 Press ‘g’ to grenade
15:00 Tooled up from the gun store
18:30 Guv goes down the convoy fire (BertieB gets hit by FF)
20:00 Dude won’t let me heal him
21:00 Inbound MRAP ? BOOM! 😀
26:30 Long range covering fire
32:45 Icon discussion
35:45 Gunfight
39:15 Jet overhead
42:00 Tickling babies and 50false
43:30 BertieB accidentally robs a stranger
50:00 Aerial hostiles

Heading North After a Raid | Rust Co-op

Continued from Part 2:

After being massacred, we try to find somewhere quieter… without success.


1:15 BertieB gets attacked shortly after spawning
4:15 Near-fatal radiation poisoning for BertieB
7:30 Mao gets rad poisoned to death
12:00 BertieB runs away from the radar dishes
16:00 Wrong end of a shotgun
21:45 Rendezvous interrupted by someone shooting us D:

Base Building and Conflict | Rust Co-op

Continued in Part 3:
Continued from Part 1:

The three of us (BertieB, aujt74, MaoTheCat) build a small base but get embroiled in conflict.


1:30 Construction begins
2:00 BertieB smacks aujt74 in the face with a rock (oops)
5:00 Discussions of Height and roof will come back to haunt us (oops oops)
7:30 aujt74 investigates a nearby dwelling
13:15 Mao toasts his feet and the house is locked
15:00 Airlock under construction
17:15 Naked spotted
19:15 BertieB takes an arrow to the knee
21:30 aujt74 makes another good point about the roof…
28:30 Airdrop
33:00 BertieB’s headset repeatedly cuts out
34:00 Attacked (I can’t hear what’s going on)
36:00 aujt74 goes bow-and-arrow hunting
38:00 aujt74 find Mao’s body
41:00 Christmas presents spawn
45:00 Mao returns
47:15 Some starts testing the walls
49:00 aujt74 makes yet another good point about a roof
52:15 Peeking out
54:00 Dead

Exploring After a Wipe | Rust Co-op

Part 2, Building:

aujt74 joins MaoTheCat and I for his first play of Rust!


1:15 Spawning in
4:45 Entering a desert
13:00 Travelling through a snowy biome as aujt74 and Mao rendezvous
14:30 BertieB runs into someone in the forest
22:08 Freezeframe from here for custom thumbnail 😀
26:30 Mao explains the stream’s family rating
31:00 Site identified

Building a Small Dwelling | Rust Co-op

MaoTheCat and I set up in a hopefully quieter location, although someone did get turned into pink mist…


1:00 Stabbing a plant to death
3:15 Person nearby
9:00 Another nearby player
17:00 Mao explains to BertieB how to chop trees
25:45 Naked nearby – ends up exploded
28:00 Mao taking fire
29:00 BertieB cowers in the hut for a long time
42:00 Mao returns to base

Scouting for a New Location | Rust Co-op

After being unceremoniously shanked, MaoTheCat and I scout out new locations and hide from rifle fire.


3:15 Craftin’ spears
11:00 Shot to death
14:00 Rendezvous
18:00 Another goat impression
20:45 The advantages of mushrooms
25:45 Mao donates wood to someone and gets killed for the favour
33:00 Random loot!
33:30 Someone tries to throw a rock at me
35:45 Flee from people
37:00 Excessive gunfire near me
46:30 Finally in a location where we can set up


Back to Rusty Forks | Rust Co-op

Back to Rusty Forks! MaoTheCat and I try to establish a decent place to get set up while avoiding marauders.


1:45 We have a map now?
5:30 Hello… Bees?
10:00 Nutmeg grating (apparently)
11:00 Mao stalks someone unintentionally
13:00 Getting a structure up
18:00 Cower from a chopper
22:00 Cooking tasty human meat
23:15 Meeting a friendly (!) player
28:15 Mao survives and attack
29:00 BertieB gets himself executed as he was starving and dehydrated
29:30 “I’m sorry I shot you, I thought you were my friend”
37:00 Someone panicflees from BertieB
44:15 Shanked to death D:


Krampus Christmas Objectives | KF2

KF2 Krampus objectives! Breaking and Entering, Stand Fast and And to All a Good Night completed!

Featuring BertieB, Graham, aujt74 and MaoTheCat


4:30 Attempt 1
5:30 Breaking and Entering
8:30 Stand Fast Failure 1
11:30 Quarter pound for Graham
11:45 Mao makes friends with the wood chipper again
14:00 Stand Fast Partial Success (Graham and MaoTheCat dead)
15:15 Stand Fast Attempt 3
16:00 aujt74 down
16:30 Abandon ship!
20:45 Boss: Krampus
22:00 aujt74 down
23:30 Graham down
28:00 Heroic sacrifice
34:15 Stand Fast Attempt 4
36:00 Stand Fast Success!
43:45 Unintentional Stand Fast Success!
44:30 Boss: Krapmus
47:15 Krampus falls over, but then inhales BertieB
47:30 Victory – And to All a Good Night!

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