Italian Counts – How I Met Your Mother | CK2 Coop

In which I marry Costello’s mother…


0:00 Another African holy war on our realm
5:00 Supported papal election modifier
6:45 Waldensian uprising starts (mark the year)
16:00 Cathar uprising
23:30 Wife too old, you say…
27:15 “…and that’s how I met your mother”
35:00 Costello gets blackmailed
44:15 Costello takes a good portion of Austria
53:00 Planning next moves

Italian Counts – The Second Dukening | CK2 Coop

Starting out with Costello declaring a revolt against his liege duke


2:45 Costello declares a revolt against his Duke
4:00 1-2-3-4 I declare a holy war
6:00 Son dies… but in a good way
16:00 SIster wants to be councillor
16:45 Duke of Savoy captured (continuing tradition of war leaders being captured)
20:00 Welcome to the Duke club, Costello!
22:15 Holy war won
29:00 Succession for Costello (regency)
34:30 Independent ?????? ???????
36:15 Declaring for a claim on Zagreb
39:00 Discovered in my plot!
40:00 “Event spawned troops WHY?!”
44:00 BertieB laments that he isn’t Welsh (in-game)
47:00 Son “died under suspicious circumstance”, grrrrr
49:00 Casus invalid…
52:30 Dismissing unused mercs :'(

Italian Counts – The Heretics Strike Back | CK2 Coop

Some internal struggles, and Benevento pops out as an independent Cathar realm.


1:30 Sending mercs off to die, pointlessly
3:30 A second son is born (curse you, gavelkind)
7:30 Camp fever!
9:15 War for Piombino!
15:00 11000 Cathar event-spawned troops
17:30 The war for Venice ended (white peace)
18:30 Cathar Benevento popped out
20:00 New war for Venice!
25:30 New King, Desiratus ‘the Accursed’ (surely a good omen)
32:00 Benevento takes on the Pope
35:00 Call the banners!
38:00 Defending Rome
51:15 Smashing an Austrian stack (Costello gets maimed)
55:15 King accepts peace before random can be had

Italian Counts – Invading Heretics | CK2 Coop

Beginning of the reign of Duke Paldo II II of Ivrea!


2:30 Appointed Marshal
7:00 The Veronan war with Venice grumbles on
16:00 Ivrean Holy War for Savoy!
18:30 New heir!
24:00 Jewish councillor techpoints event
27:45 County of Krain declares on the Kingdom of Lombardy
28:45 Savoy GET
38:30 “The more the merrier!”
42:30 Krain invasion over

Italian Counts – Fortress Venice | CK2 Coop

In which Costello tries really hard to invent boats so that he can invade the recently-sacked Venice. Lots happens in the first few minutes


0:00 Starting with a 3-way death split
0:15 Mark my words: “You’ll at least get Venice, right?”
2:45 Oh wait, there’s no strait to Venice… and we have no boats
5:00 Plot to kill Costello’s brother
30:00 The rare lesser-spotted independent Catholic realms in Umayyad…
59:15 Cathar uprising spawns under African troop stack
1:08:45 Arican Holy War for Benevento has ended after over a decade: White Peace
1:17:00 Steward brings justice to a county
1:19:00 Duke Paldo I is dead, long live DUke Paldo II II

Italian Counts – Repelling a Holy War | CK2 Coop

Trying to push back Umayyad and African forces from southern Italy


8:15 Khan Krum the Kruel
11:00 Yes, I’ll stop my plot… no I won’t
19:00 Accidental disbanding of an army
22:00 North Italy to the rescue!
24:00 “How much is that Duchy in the window?”
44:30 Costello’s second son is an imbecile
47:45 A double Cathar stack
53:30 Instant morale reset
1:01:30 Costello gets a claim on Venice

(to be continued…)

Italian Counts – The First Dukening

The beginning of the embiggening, in which BertieB usurps a duchy (from Guntrud)


1:30 War were declared
6:20 Count Paldo is now known as Duke Paldo… the Usurper
12:45 Holy war were declared
20:00 Commander was slain!
23:30 Granted the Duchy fo Pisa for no real reason
27:30 Costello perished (again)

Italian Counts – Expansion and Peace


5:45 War were declared
14:30 Captured the opposing war leader
20:30 Monferrato GET
21:15 Time to fabricate a claim on a Duchy
32:30 Civil war: white peace
46:30 Excommunication war: win
56:15 Viking Age!
57:15 Death of the Duke of Ivrea

Italian Counts – Mind Our Own Business | CK2 Coop

We try to do our best for our drunk, gluttonous, in-hiding king in the ongoing civil war. And then decide no, it’s not worth it.


6:30 Another stack of Cathar troops appears from nowhere
8:00 Liberating Treviso
9:10 Attacking across a river up a mountain
11:00 Umayyad sends an expedition to Italy
13:00 I think *wife of person I had murdered* might fancy me
20:30 King tempts the rebel army
22:30 An Umayyad army of 3, or is it 4??
29:45 Bulgarian count thinks he can steal a Lombard county!
38:00 A male heir! At last!

Italian Counts – Save the King | CK2 Coop

Civil war breaks out in the Kingdom of Lombardy, much to the irritation of two northern counts…


8:30 Losing land to Africa
19:00 Do you see the size of that faction… oh it revolted
24:30 Heading a small stack off at the pass
45:00 Neutral papal army joins battle against us (but not really, see next video)