Italian Counts – Punching Tribes | CK2 Coop

In 836 a new phrase entered the general lexicon- owing to the response of a Duke’s call to arms: “NO_TEXT_FOR_KEY_ACTOR_WARS”


0:15 The great smallpox plague of 832
2:45 Yet another excommunication war
6:30 Dijon claim
9:00 The wife of the Bulgarian Khan has a Santa hat
11:30 War declared for Ulm
21:00 Battlepope spookin’ around in Belgium
25:45 Tirol inherits into my dynasty
27:00 Ulm GET
31:00 Another pope dead, long live another peope
33:00 YAEW (Yet Another Excommunication War)
35:00 Pink spawn (Aquitaine)
38:15 Wardec on Aquitaine
39:00 What do you say? “NO_TEXT_FOR_KEY_ACTOR_WARS”
40:00 Another pope bites the dust
42:30 Prince-bishop builds a temple
47:00 Provence GET
1:07:00 Claim on Lucca

Italian Counts – Germanic Expansion | CK2 Coop

You child of mangy dog! Featuring a new nickname: Duke Paldo II II ‘the Lord of Ivrea’ of Ivrea, Duke of Ivrea


5:00 Day 1 wardecs for Tirol and Kepten
6:45 Now known as the Lord of Ivrea (silly titles)
10:00 Oberbayern OPM with their 5000 troops
11:15 5th Lombard Cathar revolt
15:00 Usurped for my vassal
17:15 Minimal city taxes
20:00 Antipope ends
24:15 Another vassal usurpation
31:00 Costello died aged 11 of pneumonia
33:30 Costello’s dynasty tree makes for some scary reading
34:30 “You child of mangy dog…”
37:30 Unable to excommunicate child
39:30 Plotting an invasion for later…
42:45 Cathar uprising under some troops
45:00 Let’s find out about poison
48:00 A male heir who is both Strong and Quick 😀
57:00 60 people arrive in Costello’s court
54:00 My daughter died in mysterious circumstances