Video Series 9: Crossing the Channel

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Trying to get an AI-controlled squad member across a short stretch of water can be very tricky in Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising. First time around he wouldn’t disembark from the boat, second time he just really seemed to enjoy swimming.

Video Series 7: Noobface Is A Noob

We were trying to complete the second mission of Dragon Rising last night, and had to restart a few times due to technical issues. Well, technical issues and Noobface.

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What a noob.

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Video Series 6: OFDR Drunk Driving + Random

A couple of short videos. The first has a little footage of a jeep driver going crazy after Gavin shot him. Unfortunately I missed most of it – he had been driving all over the valley, completely wacked out.

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Secondly is a clip of Mao taking down the extraction chopper with his AT launcher (boys will be boys). Then there’s another 8 minutes of footage of the start of the first mission of OFDR because I forgot to stop recording.

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