Video Series 10: FEAR – Stolen

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Since it’s the 10th edition of the video series, I thought I’d upload an old favourite. Here I steal two kills from ksyme99 by shooting him in the back. No further explanation needed.

FEAR Multiplayer Fun

Well BF2 isn’t the first game, its F.E.A.R. Bobby and I just finished a few rounds on a random server as well as briefly on our own HoG server Bobby started up. It got so filled with chumps we left and shut it down though…it may come back and I shall be sure to tell you if it does! But the games on the random server were quite fun if frustrating at times due to the odd fecker.

We started off on good old campus, with a pretty fun round. Teams were even and there was no one person running away with it. As promised, here are a few screens from those rounds. Continue reading “FEAR Multiplayer Fun”