Video Series 21: More Witch Fun

[flashvideo file=wp-content/uploads/2010/09/L4D-Witch-Fun.mp4 image=wp-content/uploads/2010/09/l4dwitch2.jpg width=476 /]

Those guys were annoyingly good. Pretty sure they had some macros bound or such. Also, I have a feeling there’s a cvar or something to do with the network that makes it look like you have a ping of one – they talked about lerp a lot, particularly the guy with a ping of 1.

Video Series 10: FEAR – Stolen

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Since it’s the 10th edition of the video series, I thought I’d upload an old favourite. Here I steal two kills from ksyme99 by shooting him in the back. No further explanation needed.

Video Series 7: Noobface Is A Noob

We were trying to complete the second mission of Dragon Rising last night, and had to restart a few times due to technical issues. Well, technical issues and Noobface.

[flashvideo width=477 file= image= /]

What a noob.

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