Radio Database Status (2010-06-27)

Albums	Artists	Songs  	Video  	Tags  	Catalog Size  	Catalog Time
198	31	2928	0	7	36.96 GB	10 days, 19 hours

Took a wee jump thanks to another Chopin collection (15 CDs), and some more Vivaldi (his ‘Sacred Works’) and a little Liszt.

Edit: And another tag: ragtime. Thanks to Scott Joplin, 3 collections of his ragtime pieces are now part of the library.

Edit 2: Managed to get Sibelius and Dvorak done, the latter of which was 40 CDs. Huge boost to the database.


For all the radio listeners out there, I’m currently adding the collection “Shostakovich Edition” to the library. This involves splitting the 27 lossless files representing each CD into their respective tracks, re-tagging them and then going through the whole lot to make sure they are consistent.

I hope you all like Shostakovich.