Video Series 3: Saints Row 2 – Insurance Fraud

[flashvideo file= image= width=477 /]
(be patient, it may take up to a minute or more to load)

Apologies for the quality, not sure what went wrong with the encoding.

Edit: Fixed encoding, although at 174 MB it might take a while for the player to load it. I may look at reducing the size further.

While a smaller version is being encoded for streaming via jwplayer, here is a link to the 174 MB version: Saints Row 2 – Insurance Fraud.

The video should now load the 58.5 meg version. I could make it smaller but I think quality will *really* start suffering. The audio is bad enough as it is (you notice it when Mao speaks loudly). I also have a 777 meg version at full 1920×1080 if anyone really wants.