Arma 3 Wasteland – Have Tank, Will Travel

Streamed from featuring bertieb Costello aujt74, and joined by MaoTheCat!

After spending some time getting tooled up (ie start of Wasteland SOP), we secure an MBT- for science.

7:00 Shot in the back (probably should have been paying attention, not discussing headsets)
12:00 bertieb takes the valorous option of not ramming a friendly chopper
17:15 Kicked for ‘idling in the lobby’
25:30 Time to engage an immobilised tank
28:15 Shot by AI… and is that someone coming to steal the tank??
30:30 Time to run!
35:15 Tripping over a Hummingbird
38:00 Joined in chat by MrFancypants! (and later Tug777)
41:00 Costello fails to swim… several times
46:30 “Your delivery of: ONE (1) HELICOPTER has arrived.”
52:30 Backup = 🙂 Thieving a Strider GMG = 😐 Blowing us up with said GMG = ]:(
1:01:00 How dare you engage us while we’re doing other things!
1:05:00 Time to secure a tank
1:12:00 Two unarmed vehicles engage us *funeral march*
1:28:00 A wild MaoTheCat appears!
1:44:00 MaoTheCat trips and falls… to his death
1:47:00 Heavy engagements around Gun Store
1:52:15 Flanking a Strider GMG
2:02:15 Arma launches into the air
2:03:45 bertieb decides to start driving just in time
2:14:00 Tanksniping
2:18:30 Comeuppance D:
2:25:00 “Summon help… go light the fires…”
2:26:45 Timing on that restart D:

Arma 3 Wasteland – Tanks, Gun Battles and Hackers Oh My

Streamed from featuring bertieb Costello aujt74 and MaoTheCat.

Starting off on an easymode Altis Wasteland while we wait for aujt74, then back to Du Sang for some tough firefightin’.

9:40 Pimp my uniform
18:45 Enemy player crashing our gun store = SAVE ME PANIC
36:25 Bad Luck for Lorenzo Cobb?
43:00 When shooting AI, there’s no kill like overkill, then a human APC crashes the party
51:30 Post crash, enemy tank spotted D:
55:00 #bertiederp
1:01:45 Load back into immediate engagements
1:08:00 Failure to notice player 10 feet away = shot in face
1:12:00 Hacker (“invisible voice”) likes to mess with bertieb
1:25:45 Hacker drops a red smoke beacon on me
1:27:00 Mutual kill
1:30:00 bertieb fails to revive by nanoseconds
1:33:45 survive explosion, fail to revive (again), get shot = D:
1:41:30 AI tank spoils our day
1:52:30 bertieb gets run over
1:55:45 AI town invasion proves tough to eradicate
2:00:00 bertieb gets magicked into the air (and derps to death)
2:10:30 Server gets hacker-teleported to my location :-/
2:12:15 Hacksplosions

Arma 3 Wasteland – 4-man Coop Carnage!

Streamed from featuring bertieb Costello aujt74 and MaoTheCat.

1:30 Spawn in on Pythos Island (from the end of the previous session)
9:30 Hellcat acquired 😀
13:45 AA lock while in map = ):
26:00 Rearmed
32:15 Tank acquired 😀
44:30 Expert driving badge unlocked
47:30 Attacking an AI enemy outpost
1:11:30 BTR discovered 😮
1:14:00 Second expert driving badge unlocked
1:16:30 BTR righted! 😀
1:18:30 “This might just expl” *BOOM* “..ode.”
1:21:30 “I’ll be the guinea pig…” *dies*
1:30:30 After 5km of driving, Costello gets enaged while bertieb is still half a klick out
1:32:00 *frantic engagements*
1:36:15 Rearmed!
1:47:30 Hostile close :O
2:16:30 Re-kitted and rearmed, now to take on a downed chopper
2:18:00 AI close!
2:21:45 Chopper secure’d (& bertieb incap’d)
2:31:30 Pimp my ATV
2:35:15 Inbound hostile gets ALL THE BULLETS
3:07:00 Hostile contact at Air Station Mike
3:09:00 bertieb can’t hit someone mere feet away
3:13:00 Rearmed, with CAS supporting…
3:15:00 Hostile down (shot by MaoTheCat from chopper!)
3:21:30 Enemy vehicle spotted
3:33:00 Another CAS kill (and run over for good measure)
3:40:30 Engagement near gun store…
3:42:15 AIs down
3:42:45 Enemy player pilot of chopper taken down 😀
3:33:00 Corpsedance
3:50:30 Hostile close!
3:55:00 Hide for next time!

Arma 3 Wasteland – Capping Territories (and Flyingderp)

Streamed from featuring bertieb and Costello.

2:45 Got shot as punishment for tabbing out
5:30 Time to borrow a gun
8:30 Losing a firefight D:
33:30 Reconnected after a server reboot
40:15 So I’m an admin now? 😛
49:00 Test firing (RIP my ears)
1:01:15 Enemy boat spotted
1:11:30 Tooled up!
1:27:00 Landed chopper spotted
1:29:30 Engaging!
1:33:00 Chopper secured
1:37:30 Expert flying badge unlocked (D: D: D:)
1:46:30 Engaging more AI guards
1:49:15 Chopper #2 secured
1:56:00 ROUNDS AWAY!
2:00:00 Strafing run
2:07:00 All done, sit down

Arma 3 Wasteland – 2/3 Man Coop

Streamed from featuring bertieb and Costello, with aujt74 joining in!

00:40 Fastest start-to-death yet
1:45 Dead again (off to a good start here)
7:30 Revenge! (thanks to Costello)
14:00 Back after server reboot (where I somehow confuse Costello as to my location)
16:30 Time to borrow a chopper
28:00 Aerial cap
35:00 Takedown!
39:00 What’s that beeping noise?
40:00 Was that a… boat dropped into the airbase?!
43:00 “Please don’t have peripheral vision, please don’t have peripheral vision…”
49:30 aujt74 has joined the party!
51:15 Territory under attack? 😮
57:15 bertieb fails a spot check
1:03:30 Booby trapped corpse?
1:06:00 Someone spawns in with… no clothes?
1:08:45 Headshot!
1:12:45 dat phone call timing tho
1:14:45 Another no-clothes respawn
1:20:30 Back off phone!
1:26:00 The ‘disembodied voice’ (a hacker) is back to talk to me
1:32:00 Stealing, stealing, stealing a spawn beacon for Moe. Dadadada, dadadadada, insurance fraud today!
1:35:15 Taken on at the gun store, try to make it out alive…
1:42:30 Dead or alive?
1:46:30 ‘Mystery’ explosions
1:48:15 More explosions
1:49:30 Practically a volcano… time to tool up and disconnect

Arma 3 Wasteland – Deaths & Defend Kill Farm Coop

Streamed from featuring bertieb Costello and aujt74.

2:15 Spawn in to bertieb dying of thirst
6:15 Time to walk into a hail of bullets
8:15 More bullets addressed to bertieb
12:00 Explode to death (noticing a pattern here?)
13:15 Dead in under a second!
15:00 Tooled up (don’t worry, it doesn’t last long)
20:15 Re-tooled up (and on phone)
28:30 Off phone
30:15 Yay for mouse batteries
34:30 bertieb explains “the key to not dying”
47:30 HMG Strider: locked on
52:30 Re-Titan’d
1:16:30 Taking fire… CHEESE IT
1:30:15 The appearing disappearing Strider
1:33:30 Hostile AAA + Titan = 😀
1:42:15 Strider GMG acquired
1:47:15 *BOOM* “…which is why it’s better to put too many bullets in the head than too few. ”
1:58:00 AI rifleman eats bullets and grenades
2:08:00 Go hide in bushes to save

Arma 3 Wasteland – Roaming

Streamed from featuring bertieb Costello and aujt74. Joined by MrFancypants!

(Arma 3 Zeus mucking around for the first 50 or so minutes.)

53:00 Wasteland begin!
56:00 Server restart (that was quick :P)
1:19:30 Friendly vehicle! Not friendly! Friendly! Not friendly!
1:30:30 Attacking Air Station Mike
1:37:30 RDM on Costello
1:43:15 aujt74: CHAERG
1:45:00 Forward roll d’ATV
1:46:16 Do a barrel roll
1:51:15 Combat at the Gun Store
2:05:30 Hotfoot