KF2: January Update – Biotics/Forest [Suicidal]

New update, new Zed. The Gorefiend certainly tested us on a couple of occasions. Other than that, the 3-man coop worked reasonably well.


15:00 Wave 3 was a bit much for us
39:00 Volter appears in Biotics (Success)
47:30 A scrake disapproves of our new camping spot in Black Forest
1:06:15 Patriarch visits the Forest
1:34:30 And then it’s Hans’ turn (we all stand on a grenade)

KF2: 5-man Coop – Outpost/Evac/Infernal/Paris [Hard-Suicidal/Short]

This game is easier with 5 people than with 3!


14:30 Discussion of classical music
15:30 Expert grammar mode engaged
25:00 Gored to death
30:00 More comments on the caulk n’ burn (and Costello and aujt74 join the party)
42:30 Volter time!
44:15 aujt74 and I eat grenades, but Volter’s death is envitable
50:00 Hunting for Dosh on Evacuation Point
53:00 Hunt over
1:03:00 Power unwelding
1:05:30 Costello gets a pet crawler
1:07:00 Volter comes to help evacuate everyone but Noobface with extreme prejudice
1:19:30 Costello kicks a fleshpound’s corpse away
1:26:30 Patriarch comes and pipes Costello for questioning his name
1:28:00 Patriarch bugs out firing minigun
1:32:00 Bumping up to suicidal
1:34:00 Clots appear from nowhere
1:37:15 Levitate a husk
1:42:15 A crowd appears!
1:44:15 The party is split D: Emergency rocket time!
1:49:00 Patriarch returns
1:53:00 Costello sacrifices himself for the team
1:56:00 Clot extreme paradrop!
1:59:00 The case of the disappearing window
2:13:30 Volter arrives to experiment on us in Paris
2:34:30 Volter returns! (and an RPG does in fact weigh 9)
2:36:45 “He goes dead now”

KF2: 3-man Achivement Hunting Coop – Infernal/Prison/Biotics/Outpost [Normal/Short]

Starting off with an old British pastime: eyeball hunting.


08:30 Costello embraces his death
22:15 bertieb misses out on the ‘kill Patriarch before he heals’ achievement
28:30 Hunting for hidden ‘plastic mice’
39:00 Hunt over
52:30 Volter has arrived!
58:45 Dosh hunting on Biotics
1:03:00 Hunt done!
1:14:00 Hans is here to give us a lecture
1:18:30 Dosh hunting at the Outpost
1:32:30 bertieb enjoys the headshots
1:34:45 Patriarch dodges the achievement again and pipes bertieb’s face
1:53:30 Patriarch returns to give bertieb the achievement

KF2: 3-man Coop – Catacombs/Hostile/Forest [Hard]

Spectating the gag for a short while was fun (particularly seeing through the eyes of the boss); but we then got down to some regular old hard-difficulty maps.


17:45 Hanscam! Catacombs
43:00 Patriarch – Hostile Grounds
1:12:15 Scrake’d to death – Black Forest

Also Featuring:
3x other people

KF2: Volter Manor Coop [Hard]

Success! An ammo-tense Patriarch showdown in the basement resulted in victory for the home team, aka us.


32:30 Kevin makes an appearance
35:30 bertieb runs out of ammo for RPG
36:30 “Save me reactive armour!”

Also Featuring: