Altered Realities | Far Cry 4 Story #8

Pushing the boundaries of reality, dangerous racing, and exploring ambiguity.

4:00 Longinus: A Short Hunt
16:30 Kyrati Films: Survival #1
20:30 Y&R: Lost and Confused
41:15 Shangri-la: The Surrender To Paradise
55:00 Kryrati Films: Racing #1

Explosive Fishing | Far Cry Coop #6

After an interminable cutscene, we do a Kyrat fashion week quest involving blowing up fish with high explosives


1:30 “The Golden Path isn’t green, it’s blue…”
2:00 Danger close
13:00 Simpsons poster?
15:15 Tokyo drift… in midair
22:15 Expert parking badge unlocked
28:15 Wrong arrow

Collectible Hunting | Far Cry 4 Coop #4

The only way to hunt is with a machine gun on the back of a pickup truck.


2:30 Golden Path are unhappy about borrowing their car
10:30 Autogyro kills me, then explodes
23:15 Bell tower eaglecam bug
27:30 Fastest way down a mountain
44:15 The only way to hunt honey badgers with with a mounted machine gun
51:00 Van is very confused
56:30 Taking on a convoy mounted on an elephant