For all the radio listeners out there, I’m currently adding the collection “Shostakovich Edition” to the library. This involves splitting the 27 lossless files representing each CD into their respective tracks, re-tagging them and then going through the whole lot to make sure they are consistent.

I hope you all like Shostakovich.

Screenshot Series #2 – Killing Floor

More win inbound.

FEAR Multiplayer Fun

Well BF2 isn’t the first game, its F.E.A.R. Bobby and I just finished a few rounds on a random server as well as briefly on our own HoG server Bobby started up. It got so filled with chumps we left and shut it down though…it may come back and I shall be sure to tell you if it does! But the games on the random server were quite fun if frustrating at times due to the odd fecker.

We started off on good old campus, with a pretty fun round. Teams were even and there was no one person running away with it. As promised, here are a few screens from those rounds. Continue reading “FEAR Multiplayer Fun”

New HoG Blog

Welcome to the new home for all us HoG members. Here we will post our random ravings from our awesome game session with some/all of us. Hopefully we can persuade everyone to chip in so it won’t just be me and Bobby! We (I) will try and vary the games so it isn’t all just BF2, and will try and post relatively regularly. For now though, I need to go get some content and persuade the others this is a Good Thing.

Catch you later Dudes!

Hello all!

We decided to create a blog to track the ongoing escapades of our band of merry men in our online adventures. And knowing the rest of the crew, by that it will probably mostly be Battlefield 2, though I’ll promote other options as far as possible – F.E.A.R comes to mind. We’ll be posting how games go, where and how we play, and which other online denizens fu… piss us off.

[HoG]BertieB out.

Stay tuned!